"I actually do notice this method working well on me - I saved 5000 in 3 months, which is absolutely amazing for me!!" - Wilder A. (USA)

cashbox - kakeibo method

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Effortlessly save thousands of dollars using the Kakeibo method.

◉ originated from Japan

◉ reduces useless spending

◉ made of premium quality wood

what's your goal?: $10 000

effortlessly save thousands

The Kakeibo method, originating from japan, encourages you to visualize and interact with your goals psychologically, helping reduce spending and save significant amounts of money in weeks.

Whenever you have some spare cash on hand, simply put it in the box and cross out the number. Before you realize it, you'll have enough for your next big purchase!

trick your mind into saving

Right after we start using the cashbox, our minds acknowledge & memorize it, making it easier for our brains to put spare cash in the box instead of spending on unnecessary things.

tricked 25,530+ people into saving money


reported it made them realize how much money they were wasting.


said it really helped them save for their family vacation or car payments.


mentioned it though their kids valuable lessons on money.

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